Bluestar Watch Warranty


By insisting on only the finest component parts, and through the meticulous and constant control of all phases of the assembly process, we are able to assure you of a product of impeccable quality and value.  If you handle this timepiece carefully and give it the respect due any delicate instrument, it will provide you with many years of fine service, and will become a source of great pride and satisfaction.

BLUESTAR JEWELERS certified this watch to be in excellent condition and warranties the dependable functioning of this entire watch movement for the period of ten years from the date of purchase.

This warranty does not cover the free replacement of crystals, cases, watchbands, straps, dials, crowns, or clasps etc., since such items are subjects to wear and tear of daily use.  This warranty is void if the watch has been tampered with, abused, loss, accidents or negligence, exposed to moisture (for watches which are not marked water-resistant) or damage due to crown being left unscrewed or not push in!

Any malfunction arising within the TEN YEAR WARRANTY, we will repair free of charge provided that the consumer delivered the watch to our BLUESTAR JEWELERS in Lampasas, Texas only.

This warranty will be valid only if the watch was sold to the consumer by BLUESTAR JEWELERS.  This warranty is non transferable and must be presented at the time of warranty claim.